Smooth-On Mann Release 2910 12oz Spray Can

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Ease Release 2910 is a superior release agent for casting complex designs using polyurethane elastomers. The 2910 is a heavy-duty silicone based product in a solvent carrier that gives a high gloss surface finish on the molded parts. This product also releases compression molded Thiokol rubbers, EPDM and other synthetic elastomers. Ease Release 2910 release agent works on aluminum, chrome, epoxy, and polyurethane molds.


  • Ease Release 2910 is easy to apply, fast drying and effective over a broad temperature range from 70°F to 500°F.
  • Ease Release 2910 provides excellent release, excellent surface finish, precise duplication of mold details and dimensions with minimum mold maintenance and down time for increased productivity.


  • Thoroughly clean your mold with Mold Cleaner 2508 or any suitable cleaner to remove all traces of previous coating and oils.
  • Apply Ease Release 2910 using aerosol spray for bulk grades. Hold the can or spray gun 6 to 8 inches from the mold surface to ensure a light even coating. When the molds are new or have been blasted with an abrasive, “season” the mold by applying a heavy coating of release. Heat the mold to process temperature, then wipe the excess with a rag and reapply a light coating of Ease Release 2910 before regular molding.
  • Ease Release 2910 is fast drying and requires no baking during the normal molding process.
  • Reapply a light coating before each molding.


Parts molded with Ease Release 2910 must be sanded or machined to remove the shiny surface before painting or bonding.



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