Charles Goodyear in 1839 discovered by accident (although he insisted that it was his sheer hard work) that the rubber molecules could be cross-linked with sulphur when exposed to heat. The term “vulcanization’ was coined from the words “Vulcan”, the God of fire and “volcano” to signify that both heat and sulphur which is of volcanic origin were involved in the reaction.

Prevulcanized latex is a compounded latex in which the molecules of the rubber particles are chemically cross-linked (i.e. vulcanized).  Prevulcanized latex produce a vulcanized film on drying.  

Depending on what products are being made, the prevulcanized latex could be used as it is (as in the case of toy balloons after the addition of pigments) or after some dilution with water to achieve a final latex solid content of as low as 30% (as in the case of examination gloves).

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