Resilpom Resilpom Silicone Molding Putty

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A carefully guarded secret of Italian mold-makers for fifteen years, this silicone-based putty is hand sculpted instead of poured, will reduce your mold-making time by 50%, eliminate waste, and enable you to capture incredibly fine detail with molds that are far lighter than anything you can produce now. It is now available in the United States exclusively through The Compleat Sculptor, Inc

RESILPOM is a two-component, room-temperature (RTV), condensation-curing silicone compound. Beginning as a pasty mass, once cured, it becomes a strong molding compound with good mechanical properties and considerable dimensional stability.

Mix RESILPOM (buff colored) with either the regular catalyst (yellow) in a 19:1 ratio by weight (95% base to 5% catalyst)which is included or the fast catalyst (red) in a 50:1 ratio by weight (98% base to 2% catalyst) purchased separately. Mix small quantities to avoid waste from pre-polymerization. Proper mixing has occurred when the color is uniform.This material is ideal for vertical surfaces due to its pasta-like nature. RESILPOM can be applied directly to the model, removed easily and cast in one day. RESILPOM has already been used to reproduce sensitive pieces in the antique and archeological industries. The variety of materials that can be cast into RESILPOM is large, including but not limited to Gypsum, Polyurethane Resin, Wax, Cement, Epoxy Resin, Forton MG, Other Rubbers and Low Temperature Metals.

1kg kit comes with 1 tube of slow catalyst

10kg kit comes with 10 tubes of slow catalyst

Fast catalyst and extra slow catalysts are available separately

| Paul Hobb 17-07-2021 18:06

This stuff is the greatest! I have made several molds off tree bark and root balls with great success. The mix ratio is pretty flexible- sometimes i have added to little but it still set (just took a little longer) I first heard about it from an archeologist making molds off fossils. Recommend it highly!

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