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Issue 3 Spring 2016

This popular issue combines gorgeously detailed and involved images from amazing film and TV series’ effects wizards with an array of information on mould making, amongst other unmissable technical information.

Look out for 

  • Barrie Gower on the baptism of fire (and ice) that was setting up for Game of Thrones
  • Crimson Peak and DDT Efectos Especiales’ gothic ghosts
  • How to block nostrils for a successful positive life cast

Issue 4 Summer 2016

From incredibly popular franchise productions and those who have had an integral part in them, to the foundational processes that every artist must know inside out, this issue covers a broad swathe of knowledge, profiles, and techniques.

Look out for 

  • Academy Award winner Joel Harlow’s 56 new alien races for Star Trek Beyond
  • A retrospective of the career of Oscar, Emmy, and BAFTA-winning Mark Coulier
  • Part one of a profile of how the X-Men franchise has challenged the FX makeup industry

Issue 5 Winter 2016

An issue with considerable inspiration and information on the systems and techniques needed for seriously impressive effects, from the sculpture stage to the film set and beyond.

Look out for 

  • Spectral Motion’s Mike Elizalde and Mark Setrakian on their pioneering animatronics
  • Academy Award winner David Martí on DDT Efectos Especiales’ large scale work for J. A. Bayona’s A Monster Calls
  • The second instalments of the X-Men retrospective and Joel Harlow on Star Trek Beyond

Issue 6 Spring 2017

More animatronics, creatures, and concealment – from contact lenses to art of disguise makeup – join top industry artists for useful tips and information across areas like contact lenses and ovens, and take in the second parts of profiles and tutorials.

Look out for 

  • A trip through the Elsey’s amazing career ride – see where saying yes can get you!
  • The considerations, skills, and psychology behind successfully concealing identity
  • Love Larson and Eva von Bahr on ageing and character makeups

Issue 7 Summer 2017

The features in this issue cover such a variety of design and execution – from the blockbuster to the anime crossover, along with body paint basics, from the fundamentals to the far out!

Look out for 

  • Background on Wolverine and beautiful images in Logan
  • Unmissable detailed tutorial on Bondo transfers, including all the pros and cons of different materials
  • The second part of the Elsey partnership feature (lots of Wookiees…)

Issue 8 Autumn 2017

The 80s retro anthology! Not only does this issue include a host of big makeup FX names talking about the Golden Age of the creature effects revolution (and a hilarious ‘Dear Neill’ advice column), but also a section of personal memories from makeup FX’s enduring leaders on their 80s experiences. Not to be missed.

Look out for 

  • From The Thing to Thriller: the 80s revolution in creature effects
  • Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant – aliens, artefacts and effects from a combined effort across the globe
  • A tricky brief for Legacy Effects on Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2

Issue 9 Winter 2017

This issue contains a number of feature articles so detailed and focused they could almost be tutorials, along with real tutorials which take you through careful step-by-step processes. Scary clowns from Bart J. Mixon, and if you really don’t like clowns there is a blood blaster tutorial!

Look out for 

  • Provocative prosthetics on Eduardo Casanova’s Skins by Oscar del Monte
  • Davina Lamont and Göran Lundström’s amazing character and ageing work on Genius
  • Brilliantly detailed examination of Akihito Ikeda’s Zombie Boy for Monsterpalooza 2016

Issue 10 Spring 2018

This wide-ranging issue highlights the variety and scope of opportunities for prosthetics work in today’s screen industry, along with our trademark tutorials and tips.

Look out for 

  • Rogier Samuels’ return to Middle Earth for a series of commercials for ‘Shadow of War’
  • The complex challenges facing Arjen Tuiten in his actor-driven makeup on nine-year-old actor Jacob Tremblay in Wonder
  • A legion of sea fiends brought to life by Arturo Balseiro for sci-fi horror Cold Skin

Issue 11 Summer 2018

The Apes Issue! An insight into the appeal of apes and the challenges of creating primate characters, an industry staple as well as the focus of many passion projects.

Look out for 

  • Planet of the Apes’ original makeup team reminisce about a cultural phenomenon
  • A retrospective not just on, but by, Rick Baker, on a subject that has featured many times in his magnificent career
  • Master sculptor Don Lanning’s take on finding your path in life

Issue 12 Autumn 2018

Some gore, some sci-fi, some real character ageing, and some infectious Norwegian whimsy, alongside the usual essential tutorials, tech specs and tips, and a foray into haunt territory.

Look out for 

  • Davina Lamont and Göran Lundström on transforming Antonio Banderas into Pablo Picasso for the second series of National Geographic’s Genius
  • The rise and rise of the haunt and scare attraction industry in the USA
  • Bill Corso and the Deadpool 2 team transform Josh Brolin into a time-travelling cyber-assassin

Issue 13 Winter 2018

This issue showcases some of the pioneering work being done in fields beyond film and TV – truly ground-breaking prosthetics skills and applications. Of course, there are the usual fantastic behind-the-scenes stories and images that you’ve come to expect as well!

Look out for 

  • Academy Award winner Christopher Nelson and his FX makeup co-designer Vincent Van Dyke on becoming part of the Halloween legacy
  • Mike Defeo and Josh Turi collaborate on creating a practical prosthetic using a digital process
  • Justin Raleigh and his Fractured FX team’s incredible work on medical simulation with Boston Children’s Hospital

Issue 15 Summer 2019

Luckily all the gore in this issue is silicone, because there’s plenty of it! If you want to know anything about the development of silicone as a medium in the prosthetics world, there’s no better place to start. Plus: more monsters and mavericks, and some Marvel to boot.

Look out for

  • All the hot details on Hellboy from Joel Harlow
  • A marathon of alterations and alternatives for Adrien Morot on The Revenant in this issue’s B-Sides
  • Twilight Creations’ Jörn Seifert on mutilations, expectations, and borrowing a ‘dead’ dog for Netflix’s series Perfume

Issue 16 Autumn 2019

Journey to Westeros with our extended feature, but stop off on the way for swamps, floods, snap moulds, steampunk, lookalikes, fine art, museums, and extreme old age. Something for everyone in issue 16!

Look out for

  • Barrie Gower of BGFX on the juggernaut that was Game of Thrones, from delicate detail on the Children of the Forest to bulk burn effects and battle scenes
  • Joel Harlow talks extreme old age makeup effects creation techniques as he ages Zachary Quinto from his forties to 135. Look away now if you don’t like creepy nails and teeth…
  • Adrien Morot takes on Alexandre Aja’s alligators-in-a-hurricane-zone big-screen drama. Think popping bones, mattress-foam-based dogs, and plenty of gore. You can thank us later

Issue 17 Winter 2019

This issue has a retrospective feel as we look back at extraordinary histories: of careers, long-running shows, a body of connected work assembled over time, the history of life casting itself, and even a film based on long term Kazakh political careers. Definitely one for the history books!

Look out for

  • The first part of a two-part interview with industry legend Rick Baker examines his formative years, including a pivotal meeting with Dick Smith
  • Spectral Motion re-team with Guillermo del Toro to create the extraordinary principal creatures for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Australia’s Make-up Effects Group (M.E.G.) co-founders Paul Katte and Nick Nicolaou on creating demons for the dark world of the Nekromancers

Issue 18 Spring 2020

It’s a fascinating melange of masterful work in this issue – reality TV and retrospectives, blockbusters and trailblazers, and of course some demons, nightmares, hauntings, and invisible friends. All your favourites, and the chance to gen up from the ground up on airbrushes – you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to look at first!

Look out for

  • The second of a two-part feature on the legendary Rick Baker, from Thriller through to The Grinch, Planet of the Apes, and beyond
  • 1917 Oscar-nominated Tristan Versluis on dead bodies, war wounds, and animatronic blood gags for the acclaimed Sam Mendes ‘one-shot’, 360-degree, continuous action war film
  • Makeup Effects team Dave and Lou Elsey create elaborate woman-into-man transformations for Bravo’s social experiment reality TV show, and act as on-camera mentors as well

Issue 19 Summer 2020

There’s a heady mix of subjects in this issue covering everything from creature FX on a grand scale to the most delicate of likeness character makeups, and the visual splendour of a social media sensation. Our 26-page celebration of treasured industry company KNB EFX Group is not to be missed, as well as useful info about subjects such as airbrush compressors, digital manufacturing techniques and sourcing vegan makeup FX products.

Look out for

  • The story so far of the prosthetics for Star Trek: Picard told by prosthetics designer Vincent Van Dyke, prosthetics and special makeup effects department head James Mackinnon, and lead creature designer Neville Page
  • Jason Hamer recounts the build of an extraordinary 40-foot sea creature for a new telling of the Peter Pan legend in Wendy
  • Internet sensation Vanessa Davis, aka The Skulltress, discusses her journey from theatrical hair and makeup artist to full-time social media influencer

Issue 20 Winter 2020

In this diverse issue, you’ll find prosthetics for new comedy and horror movies plus a time-hopping TV series, a stunning lookalike makeup and the concluding part of a multi-part airbrushing tutorial. This issue is also a product of the difficult times it was compiled in; you’ll notice a lack of reference to Covid-19 because we want you to escape the relentless stress of it for a while. Instead, you’ll find an inspiring 22-page article showcasing how 8 of the industry’s busy artists turned a negative into a positive and continued being creative.

Look out for

  • How the makeup FX team on Bill & Ted Face the Music tackled muscle suits, ageing makeups, reprising the Grim Reaper, creating a time-travelling robot and more
  • The story of the Swamp Thing TV series characters that fell victim to a surprise shutdown of filming in this issues B-Sides column
  • The makeup team on ambitious German sci-fi series Dark discuss the complex task of creating the prosthetic FX for three seasons of time-hopping drama

Issue 21 Summer 2021

There’s a theme of amazing re-creations in this issue: impeccable reprises of character makeups, a splendid homage to Darkness from Legend, stunning life-size likenesses of horror heroes and reboots of the iconic Gill Man! There’s cutting-edge hybrid work, gloriously gory horror and humanoid pigs at the Salton Sea. Don’t miss our major career profile of industry giant Nick Dudman, and if you need advice on costing jobs, it’s right here!

Look out for

  • Jaco Snyman’s innovative work utilising a hybrid of traditional and digital design and manufacturing techniques for Ridley Scott’s hit sci-fi series Raised by Wolves.
  • Toby Lindala’s Vancouver-based shop creates plague-infested bodies, gore and superb ageing makeup for The Stand.
  • One of the best-known names in the business, Nick Dudman, looks back at an illustrious, four-decade career.

Issue 22 Winter 2021

There’s an air of change about issue 22, not least because it’s our first bigger bumper one! We bring you exciting examples of conventional prosthetics; everything from wild werewolves to savage zombies, crazed creatures to animal-children. But we also look at how the future is unfolding, with tantalizing tutorials examining 3D modelling software, as well as the place of 3D printing in the manufacture of appliances, and how the two technologies can sit side-by-side with traditional techniques. Basically, where the past meets the present…literally in A Family Portrait – just one of the amazing articles on offer!

Look out for

  • Academy award-winner Howard Berger and KNB EFX Group take the lead in bringing a new generation of superheroes to life.
  • Fractured FX spill the beans on their enchanting work for the Netflix fantasy drama series, Sweet Tooth.
  • Jim Udenberg creating prosthetics for Norway’s first ever werewolf film, Viking Wolf.

Issue 23 Summer 2022

Issue 23 sees the craft of prosthetics come full circle in the Academy Awards! There’s a retrospective on the career of Christopher Tucker, without whom the statuette for ‘Makeup and Hairstyling’ may never have existed, and a feature about Justin Raleigh’s work on The Eyes of Tammy Faye, which just scooped that very Oscar! The pages are garnished with past and present winners and nominees, journeying across the Continent of The Witcher, over the desolate deserts of Dune, and the spy world of 007. Where else could you find monster-hunters, fashion icons, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, demons, djinns and televangelists, sat comfortably side-by-side?


  • Academy Award-winner Joel Harlow brings an intriguing collection of new monsters to season 2 of the popular supernatural series, Evil
  • Barrie Gower talks poisons, prosthetics, and Bond villains in No Time to Die
  • Göran Lundström transforms Jared Leto into Paolo Gucci…with unrecognizable results
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