Birchwood Technologies Presto Black® Steel (MKP/RPL/PC9)

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PRESTO BLACK STEEL is a room temperature blackening solution for all iron and non-stainless steels. Supplied as a liquid concentrate, the chemical is mixed with water to make an immersion blackening solution to form a clean black finish on a wide variety of steel surfaces. The black coating needs to be coated with a suitable rust preventative sealant such as an oil or a clearcoat.

Previous names include Presto Black MKP/RPL/PC9 and is used in the same manner.


  • Initial Bath Make-Up                          Mix at 10%, by volume, in tap water.
  • Bath Replenishment                            Add concentrate as needed.
  • Equipment Construction                     Tank: Polypropylene, PVC, or other acid-proof material.

                                                                Racks, baskets, barrels: Polypro or PVC coated steel.

  • Ventilation                                          Not necessary. No fumes produced. Filtration/Recirculation                       Desirable on larger tanks. Use acid-proof pump and

                                                                 50-100 micron polypropylene filter element.




For best results, the parts require thorough cleaning, surface conditioning, blackening and sealing with an appropriate rust preventive compound, as follows:


  1. CLEAN the parts to remove oils and shop
    • For lighter oils and soils, use SAFE SCRUBST biodegradable liquid cleaner, mixed at 20% by volume and operate at 150° Typical immersion time of 8 minutes.
    • For heavy-duty cleaning, use PRESTO KLEENHP, mixed at 8 – 12oz/gal and operated at 150° Typical immersion time of 8 minutes.
  2. RINSE thoroughly in clean water; 30
  3. ACTIVATE SURFACE by immersing parts SAFE PREPSurface Conditioner, mixed at 10% by volume, and operated at room temperature. Typical immersion time of 1 – 2 minutes.
  4. RINSE thoroughly in clean water; 30
  5. BLACKEN parts by immersing in the PRESTO BLACK solution for 1 – 3 minutes, or until parts are uniformly black.
  6. RINSE thoroughly in clean water; 30
  7. SEAL the black finish in DRI TOUCHAMBER IRP2 dry-to-touch finish, or other appropriate rust preventive topcoat.


As the Presto Black bath operates, its concentration will gradually diminish, and the reaction will slow down. The bath can be replenished by adding fresh Presto Black Steel concentrate. The bath can be tested by using a simple CCK – 1 Color Change Kit, available from Birchwood Technologies. This test will determine how much fresh chemical needs to be added to the bath.


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