SAM OSS Odorless Silicone Solvent

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Odorless Silicone Solvent
The Silicone-Based Solvent that Evaporates 100% at room temperature
A non-hazardous, multi-use fluid
Clear and odorless, SAM OSS is a volatile silicone fluid that evaporates 100% at room
temperature. Widely used in cosmetics, personal care products and ʻgreenʼ dry cleaning.
SAM OSS Odorless Silicone Solvent:
● is flammable but NOT considered a shipping hazard
● California VOC exempt
● is considered safe to use
● will not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming
● has aggressive oil cutting properties, yet does not dissolve plastics
● is slippery when wet
● remains fluid at freezing temperature
● has little smell or chemical odor
● dries slightly slower than water
Evaporates slightly slower than water at a rate comparable to naphtha solvents and odorless
mineral spirits. (NOT a solvent to use if you are in a hurry.) Dry time can be speeded with a fan
or warm hair drier.
Low Odor Solvent for thinning liquid Silicone Rubber and Silicone Caulking to painting
consistency. Good for brush and sponge painting with silicone. Faster drying solvents are best
for air brush painting. Safe to use to remove uncured silicone and silicone PSA adhesives
(pressure sensitive) from skin, followed by soap and water. Great for silicone cleanup. Easily
clean uncured silicone rubber from utensils and work surfaces. Rubber cleaner - Remove
animal, vegetable, mineral and silicone oils from rubber, plastic, non-suede leather. Dissolve
silicone pressure sensitive adhesive like Telesis, Snappy G. Remove adhesive and clean
brushes. Clean makeup brushes - oily/ creamy makeup. Clean wet artists oil paint from
brushes. Clean synthetic and natural hair wigs, beards and fake fur. Help comb out knots and
tangles from wigs, beards and fake fur. Good degreaser. Cuts through oil, grease and some
soft waxes. ʻSpotʼ dry cleaning fluid for oily and greasy stains. Will not harm fabrics. Temporary
lubricant. Lubricant for wet-sanding rubbers and soft plastics. Smooth oil-based clay and clean
clay tools.
For Professional Use. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not expose to flame, ignition sources or heated
surfaces. Flash Point 77°C / 170.6°F. Boiling Point 210°C / 410°F. Freezing Point -40°C / -40°F.
Not regulated as dangerous goods. Can be Shipped without any D.O.T. "hazardous materials handling"
requirements. See Safety Data Sheet. Contains Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (CAS# 541-02-6).


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