FUSEFX M-Series Silicone Paint

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M-Series colours are excellent for creating the most realistic skin tone effects in silicone. "M" stands for medical - these colours have been specifically designed to duplicate the detailed variation in colour apparent in human skin tone. These precise colours are semi-translucent and designed to be used directly - no need to thin into washes before applying (however, with the proper solvents, M-Series can be airbrushed as well). 8 colours are available:

  • M-101 Olive Tan - darkens the skin as a "tan" (with an olive undertone). Also for adding freckles and age spots.
  • M-102 Tan - darkens the skin as a "tan" on most light to med skin tones. Also for adding freckles and age spots.
  • M-103 Dark Tan - darkens the skin as a "tan" on most med to dark skin tones. Also for adding freckles and age spots.
  • M-104 Warm Blush - adds a warmth to fair skin tones
  • M-105 Blush - for adding warmth to skin tones from light to medium shades
  • M-106 Deep Blush - for use on medium to dark skin tones, or to give a more cooler tone to the skin
  • M-107 Yellow - to give a more olive tone to the skin or fatty tissue
  • M-108 Blue - to create veins or to give a bluer tint to the skin or mauvy blush

FuseFX Silicone Paint is:
- A versatile and easy to use Platinum Silicone paint system developed for medical prosthesis, special effects prosthetic, artisans, doll makers, etc. It is a two component Platinum-cure Silicone that is brushable and can be thinned down with a solvent to produce a sprayable silicone paint.

For optimum results the silicone skin/surface, should be painted as soon as possible after demolding. We recommend that the cured piece to be painted be no more than 2 days old.

FuseFX paint can only be applied over Platinum Based silicones only.
FuseFX may be applied over Tin Based silicones if the surface is coated with BondFX paint.

Clean All Surfaces That Will Contact FuseFX Paints - All surfaces to be painted, need to be free of any contaminants (especially mold release). If necessary, clean all surfaces with solvent (Toluene, Xylene, or Naphtha), and allow to dry before painting.

FuseFX is a highly pigmented Platinum Silicone paint; a little goes a long way.

Start by mixing equal amounts of “COLOR” and Part “A”. NOTE: M/F-110 Clear IS a color! Stir the mixture until it’s a uniform color, about 15 to 20 seconds, making sure to scrape the bottom and the sides of the container. Your paint is now ready to use.
Pot Life: -10 minutes (with solvent – 45 min.)
Tack Free: 2 hours
For brushing, use straight from mix or for washes, you can add up to 1 part of solvent to the amount of silicone in your container.

We recommend Toluene, Naphtha or most Odorless Solvents, (test first).

Airbrushing, you may require up to 1.5 or 2 times the amount of solvent to the amount of paint (1 part mixed paint to 2 parts solvent).

Best results are achieved by layering colors, building up the intensity of the color as you go, giving you more
control. Cure between colors.
You can use a hair dryer to “force” the paint to cure faster, heat greatly affects the curing process.

BE CAREFUL; observe all safety precautions when handling combustible or flammable solvents.


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