Birchwood Technologies Dri-Touch® Plus IRP3 Heavy-Duty Rust Preventive Gallon

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DRI-TOUCH IRP3 PLUS Rust Preventive

Operating Instructions


DRI-TOUCH IRP3 PLUS rust preventive is a solvent-based, water displacing corrosion inhibitor for all metal surfaces. Supplied as a thin-bodied liquid, it rapidly penetrates and displaces moisture from metal surfaces and forms a dry to touch film that resists atmospheric humidity and provides long term protection for parts in storage or in service. Protective film is self-healing but has a semi-solid consistency to resist draining off the surface or wicking off into packaging materials. Contains no silicone or wax. Harmless to plastics, paints, synthetic rubbers.


The DRI-TOUCH IRP3 PLUS liquid can be applied to wet or dry parts. Excellent as a corrosion preventative over black conversion coatings, and phosphates because it seals out corrosion and enhances the depth of color. Can also be used on uncoated metal surfaces for long term storage. Non-conductive film dries and lubricates without interfering with proper operation. Compatible with most lubricants, hydraulic oil, cutting oils.



  • Appearance                                                     Amber Liquid, mild solvent odor
  • Flash Point T.O.C.                                          131°F
  • Approximate Coverage                                   1600 Square Feet Per Gallon
  • Film Thickness                                                Approximately 0.10mil






  • Humidity Test (ASTM D-1748)                     600 Hours Minimum Salt Spray Test (ASTM B-117)                             96 Hours Minimum
  • Water Displacement                                        Meets Mil-C-16173E, Grade 3
  • Stain Test (non-ferrous alloys)                        Meets Mil-C-22235A



Dipping, brushing or conventional low pressure paint spray equipment. Dries in 10-30 minutes at ambient temperatures.


As the DRITOUCH IRP3 PLUS operates, it will accumulate water and the solids concentration will gradually go up over the usage.

The bath can be maintained by allowing to sit over the weekend, then draining off the water that has separated from the oil. This should be done as needed, based on usage, and water accumulation.

The solids concentration can be adjusted by adding DriTouch RPL to the bath in order to bring the solids concentration down to within the recommended parameters, or fresh oil to bring concentration back up. Solids levels can be determined by submitting a sample to Birchwood Technologies for analysis.


Solvent wash or heated alkaline detergent cleaners.


Before Using This Product – Please Read, Understand and Follow all the Precautions shown on the Product Label and on the Safety Data Sheet.


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