Paramelt Dark Red Casting Wax (1467A)

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Red Casting Wax is a hard casting wax that holds great detail. It is melted and poured into molds. After a short period the unsolidified wax is poured out of the mold leaving a wax shell conforming to the the interior. This process of "slush casting" is repeated several times to build up the required wax thickness. This wax shell is then used as a pattern in the investment shell casting process.

It is an extremely tough and durable material, capable of holding detail well in either mass casting or slush casting applications. Additionally, it can also be used for sculpting applications and is easily workable with basic sculptor's tools. 


KC 1467A sculpture wax can be used for painting fine detal, slush molding, modeling and also as a backup wax. Itis slightly harder than traditional victorian brown waxes KC 1467A Extruded wax is designed for use in runner systems and gating. Its low meling point allows for quick elimination from molds, This wax is fully reclaimable.
Product Characteristics

Handling Procedures
For sculpting applications, pour wax at 180-200"F.

Store Extruded material in cool dry conditions and away from direct sunlight and heat sources, Product remains stable at room temperatures

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