Birchwood Technologies Antique Black® M24 Brush-On Liquid

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ANTIQUE BLACK M24 Brush-On Blackener

Operating Instructions


ANTIQUE BLACK M24 brush-on blackener is an instant-acting chemical conversion finish for brass, bronze and copper. The solution is applied at room temperature and produces colored finishes ranging from medium to dark brown and black.


  1. CLEAN and degrease the metal substrate to remove surface soils, tarnish and any old finishes that may exist. Solvent cleaning works well, using alcohol, acetone, lacquer thinner or other solvents that evaporate completely without leaving a residue on the surface. Note: Mineral Spirits is not a good solvent because it leaves a residue.
  2. REMOVE SURFACE OXIDE, if necessary, by bead blasting or buffing with 3M Scotchbrite abrasive or flap wheels . Ideally, the surface should be free of all oils and oxides before coloring the surface. Handle the part with gloves to avoid fingerprints.
  3. APPLY ANTIQUE BLACK M24 SOLUTION evenly to the surface, using a swab, sponge or plastic pump sprayer. Allow solution to work on part until desired the color is produced. Use M24 undiluted for black coatings and fast reaction times under 30 seconds. Or, dilute with tap water to slow the reaction and make it easier to produce brown colors. Start with a 1:1 dilution and go up or down from there.
  4. RINSE the surface with clean water. To ensure complete rinsing in recessed areas, follow up immediately with a second rinse with water containing baking soda, mixed at about ½ pound per five gallons of water. Dry the surface with forced air or warm air to minimize water staining.
  5. BURNISH the surface with a soft cloth or HIGHLIGHT with a mild abrasive pad or buffing wheel to produce an antique or distressed finish.
  6. REPEAT steps 3 and 4 if darker color is
  7. SEAL the finish with a protective topcoat such as a clear lacquer, wax or other suitable sealant. The color of the finish will be enhanced and darkened as the topcoat is fully absorbed by the finish.

Before Using This Product – Please Read, Understand and Follow all the Precautions shown on the Product Label and on the Safety Data Sheet.


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