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ANTIQUE BLACK GEL is a Room Temperature brush-on blackening gel for all copper, brass and bronze surfaces. This new blackening gel makes it easy to achieve uniform, tightly adherent black finishes on surfaces of any size and shape and offers the user an extra measure of control over the finishing of the workpiece. The unique gel consistency makes it possible to overcome many common application challenges, such as achieving uniform applications, controlling runs & drips, minimizing solution loss due to runoff and inhibiting flash rusting of the surface. The gel stays on the part with no loss of product due to runoff, and leaves an invisible protective film on the surface to inhibit flash rusting during drying. Even works on vertical surfaces! In short, the ANTIQUE BLACKÒ GEL simplifies the entire blackening operation and improves the quality of the final finish.



To obtain best results, please use the following procedure:


  1. CLEAN THE SURFACE to remove any extraneous oils, oxides or other soils that are present. Tarnish, soldering flux and other oxides are best removed by bead blasting or other abrasive cleaning methods. Oils can be removed by wiping or scrubbing the surface with solvent cleaners. Use a clean solvent that evaporates without leaving a residue, such as alcohol, acetone, IPA. Do not use Mineral Spirits as it leaves a residue on the surface. Scrubbing the surface with SCOTCHBRITE pads works very well to remove surface The objective here is to achieve a surface that is free of oil and oxide and in a uniformly reactive condition.
  2. RINSE WITH WATER, if necessary, to remove any cleaner residues and achieve a water- break free surface. Note: Rinsing is usually not necessary after solvent cleaning.
  3. BLACKEN THE SURFACE by applying a liberal, uniform layer of ANTIQUE BLACK GEL, about an eighth of an inch thick, with a synthetic brush or Allow to react for 5 – 10 minutes while lightly brushing the surface with the applicator until the desired finish is achieved.
  4. RINSE WITH WATER to remove any blackening Some brushing or wiping may be helpful to help remove the gel completely. Large workpieces can be rinsed with a garden hose. Smaller pieces can be rinsed manually with a wet sponge.
  5. SEAL THE SURFACE with a topcoat that is appropriate for the application. For example, the finish can be used as a solid black finish, by drying and sealing with a lacquer topcoat. Or, the part may be highlighted with abrasive pads to produce a distressed or antiqued finish, then sealed with lacquer, wax or oil.

Before Using This Product – Please Read, Understand and Follow all the Precautions shown on the Product Label and on the Safety Data Sheet.


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