Amaco Terracotta Grog Water Clay #77 50lb

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The Terra Cotta Stoneware is a mixture of finely ground clays, medium ground clays, and grog and is an excellent red clay for a wide firing range- including raku! 
The coarse formula allows air to release easily so large size handbuilt or wheel thrown pieces will not crack and tiles will fire flat without warping. This clay is suitable for all glazes and underglazes.

Mixture of finely ground clays, medium ground clays and grog making it more forgiving and an excellent red clay for Raku. Large pieces may be reduced without cracking due to shock. 
Course formula allows air that may be trapped to be easily released 
77-M can be used to throw large pieces or for hand-built pieces of any size without fear of slumping 
Ideal for making tiles that will fire straight without warping 
Wide firing range of Cone 04 to 5 
Bisque is terra totta at Cone 06 and a rich red brown at Cone 5. 
Because of its wide firing range, 77-M can be decorated with any AMACO® glaze or decorating color 
The high concentration of iron oxide in 77-M helps intensify the lusters produced during reduction in Raku. Transparent glazes that do not produce lusters in reduction will be influenced by the dark color of the clay and produce deep warm shades of their color. 
Shrinkage: Cone 04, 6.75%; Cone 5, 10.5% 
Absorption: Cone 04, 9%; Cone 5, 0.9% 
Clay in moist form presents no hazard.

Ceramic Pots by Beatrice Landolt

Made in U.S.A.

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