Akemi AKEPOX® 2010 Gel

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Gel-like, 2-component construction adhesive, free of solvents, weather-resistant, mixing ratio 2:1

Used for fine bonding joints and for the bonding of natural and artifical stone, wood and ceramic in a vertical position. Easy to colour. Good adhesion on humid stone.

Area of application Bathroom & sanitary, Table & window sill, Flooring & stairs, Garden & terrace, Gravestone & monument, Facade, Wall, Stone industry Material Natural stone, Granite, Marble and limestone, Concrete ashlar, Terrazzo, Glass, Wood, PVC and acryl Exterior / Interior Interior, Exterior Bonding application Bonding, Filling Working time Long Adhesive technology Epoxy resin UV stability Low Bonding Rigid Hardening time Slow Polishing ability Excellent Consistency Gel-like Colour Transparent, Can be coloured  

The product characterized by the following properties:
- extremely low shrinkage during the hardening process and therefore low tensions in the bonding layer
- extremely weather-resistant bondings
- easy colouring with AKEPOX® Colouring Pastes or Concentrates
- good thermal stability: approx. 60 - 70°C for bonded parts exposed to weight, approx. 100 -110°C for bonded parts not exposed to weight
- good dimensional stability of the bonding layer
- small tendency to fatigue
- very good alkali-stability, thus the adhesive is very well suited to bond concrete
- excellently suited for bonding gas-impermeable materials as it is a solvent-free product
- good electrical insulating property
- good adhesion on slightly humid stones
- easy dosing and mixing by use of cartridge system
- suited for bonding materials which are sensitive to solvents (e.g. expanded polystyrene, ABS)
- the product is not liable to crystallize, therefore no problems in storing and processing

  • 1. Thoroughly clean and slightly roughen surfaces to be bonded.
  • 2. Thoroughly mix 2 parts (volume or weight) of component A with one part (volume or weight) of component B until a homogeneous shade of colour is achieved.
  • 3. AKEPOX® Colouring Pastes or Concentrates can be added up to max. 5 %.
  • 4. The mixture remains workable for approx. 20 - 30 minutes (20°C). After approx. 6 - 8 hours (20°C) the bonded parts may be moved, after 12 - 16 hours (20°C) approx. they may be further processed.
    Maximal stability after 7 days (20°C).
  • 5. Tools can be cleaned with AKEMI ® Nitro-Dilution.
  • 6. The hardening process is accelerated by heat and delayed by cold.

Special Notes: - For professional use only.

  • - Suitable for bonding of load-bearing construction parts, however, the relevant standards such as DIN 18516 part 1 and part 3 or DIN 2304 must be observed during application.
  • -Only if the right mixing ratio is kept, optimal mechanical and chemical properties can be obtained. A surplus of adhesive or hardener has the effect of a softener and can cause discolouration in the marginal zone.
  • - Two separate spatulas should be used for the adhesive and the hardener.
  • - An adhesive is no longer to be used if it has already thickened or is jellying.
  • - The product is not to be used at temperatures below 10°C because it will not sufficiently harden.
  • - The hardened adhesive tends to considerable yellowing when being exposed to sunlight and is therefore not suited for fillings or visibly bonded joints on light-coloured or white surfaces.
  • - The hardened adhesive can no longer be removed by means of solvents. This can only be achieved mechanically or by applying higher temperatures (> 200°C).
  • - If the resin has been correctly worked it presents no hazard to health when the hardening process is completed.
  • - For cartridges use AKEMI ® original mixing nozzles only.
  • - For proper waste disposal, the container must be completely emptied.
  • - Recycling in accordance with the guidelines of EU Decision 97/129 EC on the Packaging Directive 94/62/EC.

1. Colour: comp. A: light yellow comp. B: honey yellow
2. Density:
3. Working time: comp. A: approx. 1.18 g/cm³ comp. B: approx. 1.11 g/cm³
a) mixture of 100 g component A +50 g of component B:

at 10°C: 60 - 70 minutes
at 20°C: 20 - 30 minutes
at 30°C: 10 - 15 minutes
at 40°C: 5 - 10 minutes

b) at 20°C and varying amounts:
20 g comp. A + 10 g comp. B: 35 - 45 minutes
50 g comp. A + 25 g comp. B: 25 - 35 minutes
100 g comp. A + 50 g comp. B: 20 - 30 minutes
300 g comp. A + 150 g comp. B: 15 - 25 minutes

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