Collection: Aqua-Resin

Aqua-Resin is an easy to use, non toxic composite fabricating resin. This water-based material is used in fiberglass reinforced laminating, casting and molding.

Permanent in all interior as well as most exterior applications, it has numerous uses in such diverse fields as scenic design, architecture, sculpture and product development. Additionally, the Cosplay community has found Aqua-Resin to be an ideal fabrication material.

Anyone familiar with conventional three-dimensional materials will have no trouble adapting Aqua-Resin to their particular application.

And, per statute in the United States, products such as Aqua-Resin must comply with the federal Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA). Under LHAMA, all products sold as art materials must have their formulation evaluated by an independent toxicologist to determine if they pose a chronic health risk. All our products have been evaluated; none have shown to pose a chronic health risk.