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Aqua-Resin PUTTY W™

Aqua-Resin PUTTY W™

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Putty W™ is a two-component, water-based filler/putty
material comprised of Aqua-Resin L Liquid and Putty W
Powder. It adheres to wood, metal, rigid foam and most
plastics.* It is compatible with chopped fiberglass or
fiberglass mat. It is highly flame resistant.
It is useful as a wood filler and a sculpting material as well
as a replacement for polyester filler putties.
Putty W is permanent in all applications, including exterior
use. For long term applications out of doors, an exterior
sealer or good quality exterior paint is recommended.
Surface Preparation
Remove grease, and other contaminants before applying
Putty W. Wash with warm soapy water and rinse well with
clean water.
Once clean, sanding to the substrate will give the best
Putty W may be mixed by eye to any suitable consistency.
Pour a quantity of L Liquid into a disposable container. A
self-cleaning (non-stick) silicone rubber cup is also useful
for this purpose. Add the Putty W Powder while stirring. No
measuring is necessary. Just add enough Putty W Powder
to achieve desired viscosity. Coloring can be achieved
using Aqua-Color™.
Or if by weight, 100 parts L Liquid to 150 parts Putty W
Powder is a good starting point.
For most applications, a “peanut butter” consistency is the
most useful. Apply with a spatula or putty knife. However,
the mix proportion may be adjusted to give a thinner,
“soupy” mix for wetting through fiberglass mat, or to a
thicker clay-like consistency for plugging large holes or
working over an armature.
Mix until homogeneous; then an additional 30 seconds.
There will be about 10 to 15 minutes working time.
Beta Stage — PLEASE READ
A unique feature of Putty W is its long Beta stage.
During Beta, the putty is a solid, but not a completely
cured, fully hardened mass. This feature makes it
particularly easy to cut and shape. At this stage it can
be sanded with waterproof sandpaper, and for rough
shaping Surforms
® or Microplanes
® are particularly
Beta Stage can last from 1 to 12 hours depending on
thickness, temperature and humidity. Putty W can be
painted immediately— once hard, with water-based paints,
or after it no longer feels cool or is dry to the touch, with
solvent-based paints.
Clean-up and Disposal
Clean tools and brushes in a container of water as needed.
Wipe dry with a towel. Water from container can be safely
poured off down the drain after 24 hours. Solid material
can be disposed of using normal means.
This product does not present any chronic health hazards
when used as directed. For additional health and safety
information read package warnings and consult SDSs. The
use of rubber gloves is recommended when using this
*Putty W will not adhere to materials with self-releasing
properties, i.e. wooden tongue depressors, silicones,
polyethylene, polypropylene, et al.

The above recommendations and instructions provided
for this product are presented in good faith and believed
to be correct and accurate. However, since user methods
and conditions of application are entirely beyond our
control, this information is offered without warranty. The
user is advised to do their own testing to determine
suitability for their particular application.


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