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Zec Accessories

Zec Accessories

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Spiracool Backpads in 4" & 7"

The depressed center locknuts are specifically designed to secure the Zec discs while still providing full abrasive use. It sits below the abrasive disc allowing maximum use.

Spanner refers to a specialized wrench with two adjustable pins on the ends. (These pins fit into the holes cut into the zec locknuts.)

Use the adaptor to transform your 5/8"-11 female arbor to 1/4" male shank can fit:

  • Zec Disks with backpad
  • diamond core bits with 5/8-11 thread
  • Back holders with 5/8-11 thread
  • Diamond cup wheels with 5/8-11 thread
  • All other tools with 5/8-11 thread
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