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IPS Adhesives

Weld-On 66 Pint

Weld-On 66 Pint

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Weld-On® 66 Is a clear fast drying solvent cement. This light-bodied adhesive is used as a contact cement, providing instant high strength that increases as the solvent portion dissipates. The longer the open time (5 to 10 min) combined with sufficient assembly pressure, the greater the immediate strength will be. Weld-On 66 can be used on either wet to wet or wet to dry surfaces.

* Some yellowing may occur.


Advantageous when initial high strength on contact is needed between flexible or rigid vinyl (PVC) to itself or to urethane, canvas, ABS, foamed PVC, butyrate (trim cap).

Weld-On 66 also bonds urethane and canvas to themselves as well as cardboard, Kydex®, cellulose acetate butyrate and some woods.


Whatever the bonding technique used, Weld-On 66 provides water resistant, long lasting, high strength bonds for fabricating or repairing flexible vinyl in numerous applications:

  • Pond liners
  • Pool liners
  • Shower pans
  • Moisture barriers
  • Waterbeds
  • Upholstery
  • Wearing apparel



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