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Kolner Stone Rapid Size Yellow 100ml

Kolner Stone Rapid Size Yellow 100ml

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Kölner Rapid is a specially developed adhesive designed for gilded chiselled, carved or sand-blasted letters. Typical examples of uses include lettering on monuments, tombstones or household number plates. Using the Kölner Rapid system letters can be gilded quickly and the result is a high-quality, glossy gilding that can last many years outdoors.

To use this product first apply it undiluted to the stone in one smooth coat. After approximately 15 minutes of drying (depending on the thickness of the Rapid layer, temperature and humidity) you can either apply a second layer of Rapid, if needed, or you can start gilding. Please ensure the Rapid layer is completely dry before gilding. After the Rapid is dry you have eight hours open time to complete your gilding. This quick drying time combined with generous working times makes this product ideal for carrying out work on site. Also, the finish of the gild on headstones is better than those gilded using traditional oil size and has even better longevity.

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