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Smart Stain

Smart Stain

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Smart Stains are a strong, non-hazardous, fast drying, transparent patina system. They have no VOC and no solvent odor. Smart Stains work on metal, most other surfaces, and over patinas and other oxides. They are available in most colors as well as brass, copper, and silver.

Smart Stains are made by combining finely ground, naturally occurring colored oxides with a water base polymer/resin binder. They are sold concentrated and are meant to be diluted slightly with distilled water (up to 25%) to increase transparency. Only Smart Coat should be used to dilute any further (up to 3:1).

For exterior applications, Smart Stains should be sealed with Ever Clear. For indoor projects, Smart Coat may be used.

Smart Stains contain UV inhibitors and will not fade outdoors if maintained properly. Maintenance requirements will vary by location. In most environments, regular application of a wax or oil is sufficient to maintain the finish.

Smart Stains are available in 8oz., 32oz., 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes. Spray tops are included with 8oz. and 32oz. bottles for all colors except brass, copper, and silver. One gallon of Smart Stain generally covers 200 sq. ft.


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