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Sculpting Reclining Figure Lucchessi DVD

Sculpting Reclining Figure Lucchessi DVD

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By Bruno Lucchesi. The author of several influential books on sculpture, Lucchesi has chosen terracotta as the medium for his demonstration. This video details the step-by-step procedure for creating a figure in clay. Mr. Lucchesi's first video, a workshop filmed in Puerto Rico at Galleria San Juan /Studio D'Esopo, is a demonstration featuring a reclining nude in terra cotta. He begins with crumbled and rolled newspaper, throwing the clay to get a flat surface. He discusses the importance of setting, drapes, pillows, and the figure itself. The viewer sees some of the special tools Mr. Lucchesi has designed as he uses them to create the face, limbs, fingers and toes. A damp cloth smoothes the sculpture and softens the detail as the piece comes together. Finally, a very wet cloth is used, air holes made and the piece is ready for firing. Running Time 104 min. See book by the same author. VHS Format

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