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Self-Sealing Silicone Tape 1" x 10' Black

Self-Sealing Silicone Tape 1" x 10' Black

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Great wherever a tough, permanently resilient, void-free insulation is required. On TGL tape (Triangular Guide Line), the colored guide line facilitates wrapping and cuts taping time. Triangular shape assures a smooth, uniform finished wrap over difficult shapes, such as splices, bus bars and cable harnesses. Self-adhering and self-fusing, curing in 24 hours at room temp. Faster curing and a harder finish can be accomplished through the application of heat after wrapping. Ideal for automatic wrapping processes, such as for coils, where it protects the coils from the effects of vibration and shock and will not crack or separate with expansion or contraction stresses. Low dielectric losses and high insulation resistance will not limit performance of a coil over a very wide temperature range. High thermal conductivity allows generated heat to dissipate rapidly resulting in a lower temperature rise and an increase of available power for a given load. Temp. range is -60°C t0 200°C.

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