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Italian Fine Detailing Steel Rasps - Set of 7 Rasps

Italian Fine Detailing Steel Rasps - Set of 7 Rasps

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The miniature riffler-rasps in this set of 6 authentic Italian-crafted tools, made from C100 Italian carbon steel, have been exclusively hand-forged by Master Craftsmen where each tooth has been meticulously cut and set by hand.

The delicately punched teeth on each rasp's 2 uniquely-shaped ends provide the stone and wood carver a tool for fine detail work on wood, stone, and plaster. Shapes include: spears, half-rounds and paddle-shaped ovals and skews. A must have for the finishing process.

Teeth have been expertly punched on all sides of the rasp and along its edges providing complete tool usability.

Approximate length of each rasp - 6" (15 cm); each rasp end approximately 1" in length.

All rasps are enclosed in a canvas roll for ease of carrying as well as protecting them when not in use.

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