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Arkansas/India Set of 10 Sharpening Stones

Arkansas/India Set of 10 Sharpening Stones

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Great for all your gouges and pating tools!

Abrasive files hold their shape while imparting the finest, most uniform finish on precision machine parts and tool and die making. They are ideal for any deburring, chamfering or radiusing job or for filing delicate parts. Select the shape that matches the contNorton of the surface being stoned.


  • Hard translucent Arkansas natural stone has an ultra fine grit that produces the finest edge possible while maintaining tolerances unequalled by any other abrasive for sharpening
  • A broad selection of different file sizes and shapes
  • Ultra fine grit is best for producing the keenest edge possible on precision tools and delicate instruments
  • The use of oil with sharpening stones enhance the sharpening action and minimize the clogging of the stone's surface
  • Norton Sharpening Stones have been the world leader for over 150 years
  • Hard translucent Arkansas produces a highly polished finish

Typical Application

  • Restoring cutting edge on straight-edged tools such as knives, chisels, plane blades, or other tools
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