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Poly PVA Solution

Poly PVA Solution

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Poly PVA Solution is a water-soluble, removable sealer and release agent. Poly PVA Solution is available in both colorless and green varieties. The green option is typically used if it is difficult to see where the liquid has already been applied on the model. If green Poly PVA Solution is used, test to make sure that no staining occurs on the model. 


For Mold Making: Poly PVA Solution can be brushed lightly over any porous surface that needs to be sealed. It dries to the touch within an hour (depending upon coating thickness and workshop humidity). The advantage of Poly PVA Solution is that is can be removed with water once the mold making process is complete. It is suitable for use with both silicone and polyurethane mold rubbers; however, additional release agent (i.e., Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent) must be applied when working with liquid polyurethane rubbers.

For Casting: Poly PVA Solution can also be applied to cured polyurethane rubber molds as a “barrier coat” (in conjunction with Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent) and is most often used when casting polyester resin (some resins, such as polyurethane, do not require a barrier coat). PVA Solution should be allowed to completely dry before pouring any casting material into the mold. Generally, Poly PVA Solution needs to be reapplied before each use, as it often comes out of the mold when removing the casting. NOTES: Words of caution: Even though Poly PVA Solution can be removed, do not expect the model to look exactly the same after the mold making process as before. Removable PVA is helpful when a customer needs a model returned to as close to original as possible; however, residual PVA, release agent (if used over the PVA) or the application of water to a model may change its physical appearance (e.g., color, texture) to some extent. If the PVA is left on the model (not washed off with water), it should continue to act as a sealer the next time a mold is made. Do not use a water-based release agent on a PVA-sealed model as this will dissolve the PVA, negating its ability to seal the surface of the model. If the model is to be washed with water, it obviously must be made of a material compatible with this process.


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