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Phoenix Stainless Steel Tools

Phoenix Stainless Steel Tools

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These stainless steel tools come in a variety of lengths and styles to accommodate numerous uses and techniques

A# Planar edges great for scraping and smoothing.  Tool length ~10"

B# Rounded Spatula style ends for smoothing/rounding. Tool length ~8.25"

C# One rounded edge, the other a point.  Great multi-use purpose. Tool length ~8"

D# One spherical edge, the other an angled planar edge.  Tool length ~7.5"

E# Similar in style to a dental tool, with smaller edges for detailing work.  Tool length ~7.5"

F# Flexible flat spatula with rounded edges on one side and a rigid gouge on the other. A great tool for both wax and plaster.  Tool length ~7.5"

G# One edge a rounded spatula with a point tip, the other a rounded spatula.  Tool length ~7.25"

H# Double-ended squared spatula, excellent for scraping.  Tool length ~8.25"

J# One squared spatula edge, the other ovular for increased versatility. Tool length ~6.5"

K# Great shape with delicate teeth for creting a variety of effects. Tool Length ~5" (Small Tool)

L# One edge a flat chisel, the other a curved ribbon.  Diverse applications.  Tool length ~6.75"


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