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Permalac Original

Permalac Original

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Permalac Original is a protective, water-clear, fast-drying, solvent-based lacquer coating. It is a direct-to-substrate (DTS) coating, meaning it is designed to be applied to a myriad of surfaces directly without the use of a primer. Permalac’s state-of-the-art UV and corrosion inhibitors, as well as wide-ranging temperature stabilizers, assure endurance in the harshest conditions ranging from arctic freezing to desert heat, to beachfront salt air to acid rain. You can apply it to most metal, wood, or stone surfaces whether the surfaces are bare or painted. Permalac can behave as both a sealer (in case you decide to paint over it) or as a highly resistant topcoat, providing protection from all types of environmental corrosives. It has outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates, including patinated and polished metals (copper, brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, zinc, etc.), hard woods, fiberglass, and masonry or stone products in both land and marine applications. On metals, Permalac is flexible and does not separate when the metal is bent. It also provides absolute protection for circuit breakers and other electrical components from molds and mildew, helping to avoid short-circuiting and other disruptive difficulties. Permalac can be sprayed or brushed on and, can be used in interior or exterior applications. It is available in either satin or matte sheens. Coverage is 400 square feet per gallon in a single coat.

Physical Properties
Color Clear
Gloss at 20/60 35.878 (on steel)
Volume Solids 12.5%
Weight Solids 14%
Weight per Gallon 7.3 lbs.
Coverage per Gallon 400 sq ft
VOC 718 g/l
Dry Film Thickness

0.4-0.5 mils/coat*
.75 mils
*Recommended total dry mil thickness: 1.2 mils minimum
Physical Resistance (on steel)
Adhesion (ASTM 3359 & Crosshatch test) 5B
Pencil Hardness (ASTM 3363) 4B
Taber Abrasion Test 11.8 mg @ 300 cycles

Flexibility (ASTM D522) Passed Mandrel Bending Test
Impact (ASTM D2794) 160/80
MEL Double Rubs (ASTM D4792) 10

Corrosion Resistance (ASTM B117, 5% NaCl spray)
10= no rust, 0= rusted
100 hrs. 200 hrs. 300 hrs.
6 5 3
UV resistance (ASTM 155 Cycle 1 Testing, xenon arc)
After 1000 hrs., no visible degradation.
Application Characteristics
Mix Ratio Full strength for brush, 4 to 1 for spraying
Reducer #281 (standard), #69 (hot weather), #700 (0 VOC thinner)
Cleaning Solvent Lacquer thinner or acetone
Dry Time 10 minutes to touch dry, 20 minutes recoat.
Cure Time 24 hours

Application Equipment
HVLP spray gun, Cap tip 1.0, 15-20 PSI
Solvent-resistant brush
*Disclaimer: All tests were done using Permalac Original Satin finish. It's expected that
Permalac Original Matte finish will perform to the same specification.

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