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Nylon Aluminum Chisel Mallet 14oz

Nylon Aluminum Chisel Mallet 14oz

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A lot of mallets have brass heads with wood handles. We chose a slightly different approach for our WoodRiver 14 oz. Mallet and gave it a lightly textured, cool aluminum handle, which provided the heft and feel we were after, along with a kinder-to-your-tool nylon head. Our mallet is not just for carvers but also for anyone who needs to lightly drive a chisel or set a joint. Trim dowels or dovetails, do detail carving, tighten up a chair joint or close a gap in almost any joint with a light tap or a hard smack. Our nylon head can handle both with less stress to your tool’s handle and less marring to your wood.


• Unique design contains aluminum handle and nylon head

• Useful in multiple woodworking projects 

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