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Chavant NSP clay is a globally well-accepted non sulfur modeling clay used by the Special Effects and Fine Arts industries. It holds exceptional surface details and is somewhat waxier and tougher than other Chavant products. 

Available in: Soft, Medium, and Hard

Colors: Green, Brown or Tan

2 lb block (.907 kg.)
10 lb block (4.53 kg.)

NSP was introduced in 1993. The intention was to eliminate the sulfur filler in a professional grade sculpting clay, which often caused inhibition problems with various liquid rubber mold-making materials.

The NSP product line consists of clays that contain higher percentage of wax components making the clays somewhat “tougher”. Available in Soft, Medium or Hard, these clays have good adhesive qualities, flexibility and length. Because they are “tougher” NSP tends to accept cut detail lines very cleanly, with no ragged edges. The surface texture of NSP will be somewhat “grabby” when compared to sulfur-based clays and even the NSP – Soft is rather firm by some people's standards.

NSP is commonly used by artists for the creation of sculpture and is often used to fill cracks in industrial patterns or to build dams when making splash molds. Product designers who freehand sculpt also use NSP.

NSP is subject to surface oxidation. If the clay is in its original package it will have a long shelf life. If the clay is repeatedly heated and cooled, oxidation is accelerated. Sometimes this characteristic is beneficial in handling or mold making since the surface can become harder.

 Unique Properties

NSP can be softened with heat to be troweled, brushed, or liquified for casting into silicone molds.

Physical Properties

Soft: 24A
Medium: 33A
Hard 51A


NSP Soft and Medium Density: 99 lbs./cu. ft. Specific Gravity: 1.58 g/cc
NSP Hard Density: 99 lbs./cu. ft. Specific Gravity: 1.58 g/cc

Softening Temperature

NSP Soft = 120°F / 49°C
NSP Medium = 125°F / 52°C
NSP Hard = 130°F / 54°C

Troweling Temperature

175°F / 80°C

Brushing Temperature

185°F / 85°C

Casting Temperature

205°F / 97°C

Max Temperature

205°F / 97°C


Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Handling Tips

NSP™ clay scrapers and rake tools are often used to initially make the clay surface uniform. NSPTM is very solvent friendly; solvents such as naphtha, clear mineral spirits and turpentine are aggressive solvents which can be used to quickly soften and dissolve the surface. Citrus based solvents such as D-limonene can also be used but may cause inhibition when molding the clay using silicone rubber. 99% Isopropyl alcohol can be used to smooth the clay surface if a less aggressive solvent effect is desired.

NOTE: If isopropyl myristate is used on the surface of NSP™, the surface will remain soft, and it will not return to the original hardness.



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