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No Trace Blood

No Trace Blood

No Trace Blood

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“No-Trace” Blood was born On the Sets of some of the most fast paced episodic TV shows, and Films airing today. It answers the need for a Non-Staining, Mouth safe, Washable blood.

 “No-Trace” blood performs like no other blood you’ve used before. It works extremely well for quick changes, and Actor resets when there needs to be no trace of blood left behind.

 “No-Trace” is known as the Wardrobe departments go to blood. It will wash out of Textiles with no special additives, and leave, you guessed it, No Trace.

 “No-Trace” blood can be thinned up to 25% with no significant color loss.

 3 Amazing Options for you to choose from:

“Type A” – Regular, for all daily blood needs

“Type B” – Dark, more visceral. Aged/Corpse/zombie

“Type AB” – Pump. Thinner for all bleeding effects.

*No Trace Blood Sampler Contains 1oz of A Light & 1oz of B dark

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