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Museum Putty

Museum Putty

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Museum Putty: For Porcelain and Ceramics. For objects that are frequently moved because it comes off easily and quickly. Most universal product and holds up to 40 lbs. A superior Poly-Putty formulated to remain pliable and reusable HINT: Also good behind picture frames, in boats, RVs. 2.64 oz.

How It Works

All surfaces, objects and hands must be clean and dry. All items must be put on flat, level surfaces. Product not intended for use at any angle. Product not recommended for use in direct sunlight or with extreme exposure to heat. Read detailed instructions thoroughly and completely.
1. Make several balls, or strips to correspond to the object base.
2. Apply to the bottom of your object. The amount to be used depends on items size, contour, weight, and your judgment. Place product around middle and/or base equally.
3. Set the object onto a flat level surface and press down gently. Allow product 30-60 minutes to settle into place to create a bond. Allow overnight for complete adhesion. To check adhesion: Nudge item at BASE ONLY to see if it has a strong hold.
4. To remove, hold item at base and top, twist slightly while pulling item gently from its position. Dab product to remove any excess.
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