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MIXOL #ME Metallic Tints

MIXOL #ME Metallic Tints

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Metallic Effect Tints (aqueous concentrate)

Achieve effects from a subtle shimmer to an opaque solid metal finish. Compatible with a variety of materials (water or solvent based). Highly concentrated with gold, bronze, aluminum and pearlescent pigments. Binder free. Won’t dry out or freeze. These metallic pigments stay in suspension, won’t “settle-out”. Can be used in any combination with the 18 organic MIXOL® colors (Non-Oxide Colors).

Can be used in some white pigmented materials. All types of applications are suitable – brush, roller, spray applied.


The following materials have been successfully tested:

  • wood glazes, cement glazes
  • wall glazes (interior and exterior use)
  • nitrocellulose clear varnishes
  • polyurethane clear varnishes (solvent based)
  • polyurethane alkyd clear varnishes (solvent based)
  • acrylic wood finishes (water based)
  • white interior wall paint*
  • insulating paints (water based)*
  • decorative lime plaster for walls*



Minimum shelf life: over 1 year. Maximum additions by weight: 10 % for Varnishes and Clear Coatings 3-5 % for Glazes. Product may freeze in extreme temperatures. Just de-frost slowly, and shake very well. The final effect will not be compromised. As with all MIXOL®’s, be careful of over-saturation. MIXOL® Metallic Effect Tints are highly concentrated. Take extra care with transparent coatings. Remember a little MIXOL® goes a long way! The Silver Effect Tint may be incompatible in highly alkaline materials (blistering due to Aluminum content). Solvent based materials should be tested for compatibility. MIXOL® Metallic Effect Tints have a comparatively high water content which may cause incompatibilities with materials sensitive to water. The 15 Oxide-Type MIXOL®’s contain larger sized pigments that will cover the smaller Metallic Effect Pigments, obscuring any decorative effect.

* Materials containing white or colored pigments should always be tested. Pigmented material may absorb the smaller metallic effect pigments. A lighter, shimmer effect is still possible though.




Application Chart

Tinting of lacquer and paints “free from aromatic compounds”

Color Mixing Chart 1

Color Mixing Chart 2

Color Mixing Chart 3


The percentages listed on this colour card are quantities of MIXOL to be added by weight.
Slight deviations of the colours on this colour card are due to screen view.
NB: White paints containing different levels of titanium dioxide will tint differently using the same quantity of MIXOL.

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