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Mini Glue Gun (Uses 5/16'' Sticks)

Mini Glue Gun (Uses 5/16'' Sticks)

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This hot temp gun from Darice� is the fast and easy way to glue! With a trigger feed action and no-drip nozzle, this gun helps you keep your work station clean and efficient, too. Great for quick repairs and a multitude of craft projects, this gun can utilize either dual temp or hot temp glue sticks that are 7/16 of an inch in diameter. Works on wood, furniture, plastic, metal, fabrics, silk flowers, and more. Each piece includes the glue gun, 2 glue sticks, and a metal stand to hold the hot glue gun while you are working. 1 piece per package.

Super mini glue gun. Gun made for 5/16 inch glue sticks. Gun features a trigger feed, no-drip nozzle, and a built in stand. Package includes glue gun and 2 glue sticks. 

Perfect for use on wood, fabric, plastic, and more!

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