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Mini Ribbon Set #MRS

Mini Ribbon Set #MRS

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Just the answer for your fine sculpting, detailing, and trimming requirements. These miniature sculpting tools are made of fine ribbon steel, heat treated for maximum strength. Firmly set in 1/4in. diameter by 5in. aluminum handle, these tools are ideal for working with clay, greenware, wax, plaster modeling mediums, and even bread dough.


  • 6 Pc Tool set is perfect for fine scultping, detailing, and trimming.
  • Works well on various modeling materials including clay, greenware, wax, and other materials.
  • Mini size tools are 1/4" diameter x 5 inches long.
  • Made of fine heat treated ribbon steel set in aluminum handles.


MR1* - Mini Ribbon #1
MR2* - Mini Ribbon #2
MR3* - Mini Ribbon #3
MR4* - Mini Ribbon #4
MR5* - Mini Ribbon #5
MR6*- Mini Ribbon #6

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