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K40F Pro Starter Kit With Freehand Router

K40F Pro Starter Kit With Freehand Router

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Includes Pro Freehand Router with 5 Shapeable Blades, Single-Heat Pro Power Station, 85 minute Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD, and sturdy carrying case. This kit is popular with artists doing requiring fast cutting versatile foam sculpting. This power supply has special overload protection and operates at 100-240 volts, so it can be used worldwide. Make the Blades of the Freehand Router into any shape! Comes with 5 ultra-stiff, yet shapeable 10.5" wires that bolt onto the arms. Scoop out big or tiny pieces of foam for any level of control. The Freehand Router is to foam what the chisel was to stone. This tool can only be used with the Pro Power Stations.

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