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The Compleat Sculptor, Inc

Hardware Cloth 24''x60'' 1/4" Square 23 Gauge

Hardware Cloth 24''x60'' 1/4" Square 23 Gauge

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Hardware Cloth is constructed of a light weight wire that provides good stability. After welding and/or weaving, Industrial Hardware Cloth is Hot-Dip-Galvanized to provide protection against rust. 1/4in. x 1/4in. squares, 24in. tall x 60in. long, 23 gauge, welded, galvanized (after welding) metal mesh roll. Sculptural Uses: Armature & support structure for Winterstone, Aqua-resin and other direct building compounds. Non-sculptural Uses: For gutters, funnel traps & soffits. Controls snakes, birds, reptiles, bats, shrews, mice, voles and especially moles!

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