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Clay Shaper

Clay Shaper Grey Flat Chisels 0-16

Clay Shaper Grey Flat Chisels 0-16

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Sculpting and modeling has never been easier than with this unique silicone tipped artist's tool!

Clay Shapers come in

5 sizes: 0,2,6,10,16

5 shapes angle, round cup, cup chisel, flat, taper

3 colors: Black = Extra Firm, Gray = Firm, White = Soft.

Clay Shapers feature a durable silicone tip which is impervious to virtually any medium and can be easily cleaned with a wipe from a dry cloth. Developed by artists for artists, Clay Shapers are somewhere between a boxwood modeling tool and your finger. Clay Shapers enable techniques that are just not possible with traditional artists tools. Clay Shapers offer excellent control with all types of clay including: Castilene, Wed clay, Makins Clay, Klean Klay, Kiln Fire Clays, Air Dry Clays, Polymer Clay, PMC, Magic-Sculpt, Wax, & Most Adhesives. Even Sculpt Foods such as Frosting, Fondant, Marzipan and Butter! Make smooth marks without fingerprints. Use water to smooth the surface even more. Sculpt fine detail with size 0s and 2s. Apply adhesives, most won't stick to Clay Shaper tips after curing, simply peal off! Use Black (firmest) Clay Shapers with hard sculpting materials and the Gray or White (firm and soft) with more pliable mediums.

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