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Sculpting Femme Fatale John Brown DVD #6

Sculpting Femme Fatale John Brown DVD #6

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by John Brown. Inside Sculpting the Femme Fatale, John demonstrates how to sculpt the fantasy oriented, sexy, dangerous female character. Beginning with a concept sketch and an understanding of gesture and balance, students will quickly learn the essentials of female anatomy through a comparative study using a live female model. Students will also learn the seven major differences between the female and male figures. John also meticulously covers sculpting form fitting clothing and accessories like boots and helmets. What makes this sculpture training DVD unique is its results-oriented theories and techniques that teach students how to analyze the body�۪s forms properly, and to see and correct their own mistakes. By gaining a sharper eye, students will become equipped to extrapolate the figure�۪s forms with respect to the rudiments and fundamentals of anatomy, enhancing their ability to design and develop their own sense of style. 2 hours of lecture DVD format Format: DVD (2 hours) Topics Covered: The Concept Drawing Plumb and Balance Setting Up and Posing the Armature UnderstandIng The Boney Forms Differences Between the Female and Male Figures Understanding Curves Modeling the Breasts, Arms, Hands, Face, Features and Clothing Chapters 01: Introduction 02: The Concept Sketch 03: Plumb and Balance 04: Setting up the Armature 05: Understanding the Boney Forms 06: Understanding Curves 07: Negative Space 08: Interpreting Curves 09: Defining a Curve 10: The Breasts 11: Modeling the Arms 12: Shaping and Refining 13: Modeling the Head 14: The Mouth and Lips 15: The Nose 16: The Ears 17: The Eyes 18: The Fingers 19: Clothing and Accessories 20: Ultra Refine and Finishing

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