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Molding/Casting Head Sculpture John Brown DVD #4

Molding/Casting Head Sculpture John Brown DVD #4

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Molding & Casting the Head' picks up where 'Sculpting the Detailed Character Head' left off. Beginning with the sculpture, this four hour lecture takes the student through preparing the sculpture to be molded, right up to pulling a plaster cast out of the mold. Through a step-by-step process, students will learn a variety of mold making techniques, how to break the sculpture up for individual molding, how to make a flexible silicone Matrix mold, and then on to producing a casting of the sculpture. All while being exposed to the special materials and tricks of this trade. Students will also learn how to avoid the practical pitfalls associated with this kind of work, walking away with a solid foundation for molding & casting their own projects. Format: DVD. Topics Covered: Silicone Mold Making Matrix Mold Block Molds Understanding Undercuts Water Based Clay Mold Registration Plaster Casting Seaming and Patching Burlap and Re-Enforcement White Hydrocal (Plaster) Back Pressure Chasing Clay Triple Beam Balance De-molding Resources Chapters Disc 1 01: Introduction 02: Mold Anatomy 03: Sculpture Prep 04: Understanding Undercuts 05: Building Dividing Wall 06: Clay Cutting Board 07: Water Based Clay 08: The Dam + Clay Layer 09: Registration 10: Registration Keys + Sprue 11: Credits Disc 2 01: Introduction 02: Prep/Burlap 03: Prep/Plaster 04: Plaster/Detail Coat 05: Burlap Coat 06: Rasping 07: B-side Prep 08: B-side Clay Lay-up 09: B-side Plaster 10: Open Mother Mold

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