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Character Head Sculpture John Brown DVD #3

Character Head Sculpture John Brown DVD #3

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by John Brown. This lecture introduces the student to sculpting the full-scale head with an emphasis on detail. Beginning with a 1/3 scale concept maquette, this DVD teaches how to scale up off of a design and build a full scale sculpture from scratch. Sculpting of the facial features is emphasized, with a focus on secondary & tertiary form, including step-by-step techniques used to create wrinkles, skin texture, pores, veins - all the essential components of sculpting realism. The lecture also addresses the important considerations when sculpting for digitization. Every phase of sculpting the head is demonstrated including armature construction, initial block-in, facial features, ears, horns and surface details. Format: DVD Topics Covered: Concept Maquette Working in Scale Primary and Secondary Form Tertiary Form Sculpting Wrinkles Skin Texture and Cross Hatching Blending Skin Texture Solvents Pore Texture and Veins Chapters 01: Introduction 02: Tool Overview 03: The Head Armature 04: Concept Maquette 05: Full Scale Sculpt 06: Working in Scale 07: Roughing in Features 08: Roughing in Wrinkles 09: Alcohol Torch 10: Refining Form

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