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Glow-In-The-Dark Pigment Red 1oz

Glow-In-The-Dark Pigment Red 1oz

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This Glow in the Dark Pigment works by absorbing ambient light and then re-emitting it in the visible spectrum. This process can be repeated an infinite amount of times. The color visible in regular light is an red and it will glow a vibrant Fire Red in the dark. You can mix this pigment into any clear medium such as glue, paint, caukling, wax, clay, gel candles, liquid nails, silicone, urethane, you name it. This pigment is best used right after mixing, most mediums seem to gel with this pigment over a period of time. Perfect for fishing lures! Amazing glowing color, one of the most unique! Used extensively for fishing lures and decorative items!! Product can last more than 15 years, unlike conventional pigment! Just about any light will charge it! Non-radioactive! Safe and non-toxic! Can be used with just about any non-aqueous medium! Charges an infinte amount of times!

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