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GI-1000This Silicone's Inc. product is the standard for Mold Making Silicone in the industry. Works great for casting urethanes. It is also heat resistant up to 400 F, so you can use it to bake foam latex. Acceleratable with Ultrafast catalyst.

GI-1000 is a high tear strength, tin-catalyzed RTV-2 silicone rubber, which was designed for casting polyester parts. GI-1000 is not sensitive to inhibition, meaning it will sure at room temperature over virtually any surface. It is easy to mix and de-air, and will cure with only a slight degree of shrinkage. The speed at which the rubber hardens can be accelerated with special activators.

Condensation cure, two-component silicone rubbers are excellent for most general mold making and prototype applications. They are excellent for casting waxes, gypsum, epoxies and other plastics. GI-1000 is extremely useful for those applications where superior mechanical properties are required.

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