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Foredom Portable Dust Collector

Foredom Portable Dust Collector

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Perfect for any lab, studio and work space that creates harmful dust and debris. Combines cyclone power and HEPA filter standards in one unit. Simple to use and ideal for anyone concerned about working in a clean and safe environment.

  • Larger dust and debris are moved to the collection chamber. Smaller particles are captured by the filter bag. The cyclone saves time and money needed to replace the HEPA filter
  • It rolls on it’s own casters or fits perfectly into Foredom’s Mobile Work Station (shown in additional photos – NOT included)
  • Corded remote switch for easy control while unit is out of your way and you are busy working

The cyclone with polycarbonate collection chamber pre-filters 99% of all debris and the HEPA filter eliminates 99.98% of debris up to 0.3micron. This quality-built single-station unit has casters for easy portability. Foredom’s new variable speed MADC20 Dust Collector is whisper quiet at 52dbA with powerful suction at 115CFM. It is simple to use and almost maintenance free. It is an excellent companion to Foredom’s MALC15 Lighted Work Chamber, MALC30 Jumbo Chamber and MADCH-6 Fishmouth. However, it is a stand alone unit for collecting dust from grinding, polishing, deburring and sanding wood, metal, die stone, plaster and many other materials.

Use when working with dry materials ONLY.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

MADC20 Includes:

Cyclone dust collector with collection chamber

Remote Switch Box with 9 Cable allows you to power on dust collector without having to use the main power switch on unit. Has PSA backing for positioning in convenient location near your work.

Remote Cord for connecting and powering on the MALC15 Lighted Work Chamber

6′ Power Cord

5′ Vacuum Hose Assembly

2 HEPA Filters. Filter has a 16 Merv Rating, 99.8% of all particles 0.3 micron and larger



Weight: 30-1/2 lb

Ship Weight: 40 lb

Height: 19-1/2 , Width: 15-1/4, Length: 15-1/4

Cyclone Height: 16-1/2, Width: 7-1/2

Shipping Dimensions:

20-1/4 x 20-3/4 x 23-1/4

Hose 2-1/4 Diameter, 5 Length

115 Volt / 6.5 Amp

750 Watt / 115 CFM / 52 dbA

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