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Flock Blue Medium 3oz

Flock Blue Medium 3oz

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NYLON - durable for indoor and outdoor use. Suede-Tex NYLON Spray-On Suede Flocking Fibers can be used to create a soft, velvety surface for decorative applications, as well as a durable and non-slip surface. NYLON flocking fibers are durable, weather resistant, and colorfast, making them a good option for either indoor or outdoor applications. Popular applications include auto restoration, goose and duck decoys, fishing rod handles, and dashboards in rally cars to reduce glare. DonJer began offering NYLON fibers in 2005 to answer the needs of outdoor uses. Available in over 15 colors. Features: Made from petroleum; Fiber size: .040in.-3denier (1mm-3.3dtex) Fade resistant to UV Rays. Does not show handling. Water resistant; can be cleaned with a hose.

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