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Flexer™ Epoxy Flexibilizer

Flexer™ Epoxy Flexibilizer

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Flexer™ Epoxy Flexibilizer is a clear, low viscosity liquid additive that will lower the durometer (Shore hardness) of some Smooth-On casting and laminating epoxies. When added to the epoxy system in the proper proportion, the cured epoxy will be softer and, in some cases, can be made semirigid. Flexer™ will lower the viscosity of the epoxy system, improves wetting capability (for laminating) and filler load capacity.


Make Epoxy Semi-rigid - make pieces that are less brittle with increased impact resistance.

Choose Desired Result - Physical and performance properties of cured epoxy system may lower in proportion to the amount of added. Once Flexer™ has been added your piece will remain flexible.

Lower Viscosity - will help with de-airing castable resins and will help laminating epoxies wet out through composite reinforcements (fiberglass cloth, Kevlar, etc.) better.

Read and follow directions given on the technical bulletin for the EpoxAcast™ or EpoxAmite™ product before adding Flexer™.
Store and use all materials at 73°F / 23°C. Avoid breathing fumes - use in a well ventilated area at minimum. NIOSH approved respirator is recommended. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize skin contact.

Flexer™ Epoxy Flexibilizer is added by weight as a percentage of Part A. An accurate gram scale is required. Add Flexibilizer to Part A of the epoxy system and mix thoroughly. Add the appropriate amount of Part B and mix all components thoroughly.

Goal – Soften EpoxAcast 650 from a Shore 90D to a Shore 60D. Normal mix ratio: 100A:12B

Important: Working time and cure time will be increased in proportion to the amount of Flexibilizer added. Physical and performance properties (including Shore hardness) of cured epoxy system may be lower in proportion to the amount of Flexer™ added. Do not exceed recommended loading maximum of 20% of epoxy Part A, as the epoxy system may not cure.


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