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Sculpture House

Figure Armatures

Figure Armatures

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The integrity of your clay modeling project depends on a strong interior armature (inner wire framework) to hold the weight of moist clay, Plastilina or other sculpting materials that would not otherwise support itself. Sculpture House’s strong, fully adjustable figure wire armature is strong yet completely pliable, making it the perfect choice among professional sculptors.

The 8" base is melamine with a backiron of sturdy steel. Designed and hand-made in the U.S.A. to provide a sturdy support structure for your sculpture.

Hand-crafted from non-staining, pliable almaloy (aluminum) wire with an adjustable steel backiron (12, 15 and 24 armatures) which may be positioned for standing, kneeling or sitting. Secured to a base of waterproof, laminated hardwood.

If using moist (ceramic/pottery) clay, please note, the armature cannot be put in a kiln during firing. The clay will shrink but the wire will not, resulting in cracking and/or breakage. We suggest using a wet and twisted newspaper armature as the paper will burn off during firing; or a wax armature as the wax will melt during firing.

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