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Family Hand Casting Kit Alginate

Family Hand Casting Kit Alginate

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The Family Hand Casting Kit is just like the Adult Hand Casting Kit, but larger, to allow for more hands to be cast at once.


  • The reusable molding bucket is bigger (8 quarts vs. 4 quarts)
  • Kit contains twice as much alginate (our HandGel™ 570 formula)
  • Kit contains twice as much LiquiStone™ casting cement

This kit can cast up to 4 adult hands or some similar arrangement of adult and children's hands.

The final casting is hard, white and very durable. It can be painted or finished in many ways using standard paints. 

NOTE: The kit comes with two Mix-In-The-Bag alginates so we recommend having two people mix the alginate at the same time.

Kit Contains:

  • Alginate Mix-In-The-Bag: 2 x 1.5 pounds HandGel™ 570 Alginate
  • LiquiStone™ Mix-In-The-Bag: 2 x 3.5 pounds
  • Molding Bucket: 8 Quart size
  • Small bag of clay for filling under long fingernails
  • Small bag of LiquiStone™ for repair use
  • Printed Instructions

Alginate SDS

Liquistone SDS

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