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Mini Glue Sticks 5/16'' (24pcs)

Mini Glue Sticks 5/16'' (24pcs)

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Elmers 4" Mini Size CraftBond Less Mess Hot Glue Refill 24 Count Pack

Elmer’s CraftBond has found a way to raise the standard in Hot Glue! We are happy to report that we have created new Enhanced Safety Glue Guns with innovative Glue Sticks that are specially formulated for easy application and flow, delivering a precise, clear bead exactly where you want it. You heard us correctly, there are virtually no strings or mess with this new product! Not only that but the glue itself provides the strong bond you expect from the leader in craft adhesives. So choose Elmer’s CraftBond. Because everybody loves hot glue. But nobody likes a hot mess.

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