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Dark Arts Blood

Dark Arts Blood

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Mid-Flo Flows and spreads like real blood.  Dries in minutes

Contour Gel A soft gel for accentuation texture & depth in wounds and for breaking down costumes

Form Gel A firm mouldable gel with pliable consistency.  For sculpting textural wounds, or for detailing sets & costumes.

Dried Matt Gel A workable gel with matt finish, to resemble dried and congealed blood.

Hi-Viz Blood Mix Hi-Viz with artificial bloods to make them more visible on dark skin and dark surfaces.

Spray Gel A brand new texture with hundreds of uses.  Simply spray to deliver a jet of soft, 3-D gel blood.  Amazing for instant wounds and costume dressing.  A must for every stand-by kit!

Splash & Spray No other blood flows as fast through tricky FX rigs.  With strong colour pay-off, it wets out fabric in an instant!  Does not contain sugar syrup.  Resists blocking tubing and spray nozzles.


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