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CRAB Metal Brush Set

CRAB Metal Brush Set

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C.R.A.B. Metal Kit - are a refillable metal cleaning tool. The C.R.A.B. Metal Kit comes with: Metal Holder, Coarse Brush (in the metal holder), Fine Brush, Stainless Steel Brush and Brass Brush.

Uses for C.R.A.B. include:

  • Strips wire
  • Erases printing marks
  • Cleans electrical contacts
  • De-burrs small metal parts
  • Removes oxidation and rust
  • Cleans PCB boards
  • Cleans injection molds
  • Cleans corrosion
  • Cleans in tight spots
  • Polishes silverware
  • Brightens jewelry and coins
  • Removes water stains
  • Cleans mold on grout
  • Cleans metal surfaces
  • Shines tools
  • Removes scuff marks
  • Removes soap scum
  • Removes paint stains
  • …and much more!
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