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Corafoam 4lb R40 Propfoam

Corafoam 4lb R40 Propfoam

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CORAFOAM R-series Polyisocyanurate Foam is a new series of Prop Foam developed specifically for the carving industry. This new product line includes Prop Foams dedicated to set and stage design or scenery. CORAFOAM® Prop Foam is specifically designed for the scenic, theming and film industries. Thanks to its desirable properties, Prop Foam is suitable for applications requiring strength and a higher level of detail not achievable with styrene. Prop Foam can be easily carved by both machine or hand (but not hot wire), making it a versatile product for sculpting.

CORAFOAM Prop Foam: R-Series Product Range.

CORAFOAM® Prop Foam R-Series includes three products, different in density and thickness range, and each with a unique maximum block size.

  • R20 Prop Foam

Available up to 24” thick with a density of 2lb/ft³

  • R40 Prop Foam

Mid-range density Prop Foam with a maximum thickness of 18” and a density of 4lb/ft³.

  • R60 Prop Foam

Densest Prop Foam available at 6 lb/ft³ with a maximum thickness of 12”

CORAFOAM® R-Series: main feature of DUNA-USA Prop Foam

Prop building material with excellent carving/customization properties to allow set scenographers/project managers freedom to design highly accurate, stable creations. For high level props to be built, DUNA-USA foam has these main features:

  • Grain-free consistency, making Prop Foam easy to carve with hand/woodworking tools;
  • Bonding Prop Foam blocks together is easy and allows for production of large scale props;
  • Prop Foam is still lightweight, even with its high strength
  • CORAFOAM® Prop Foam is compatible with most coatings, which makes it easy to meet design requirements;
  • Prop Foam is non toxic (dust mask still recommended);
  • Closed-cell, will not absorb water

As a versatile, high-performance material, Prop Foam enables designers to create props for several applications:

  • Foam Props: Prop Foam is perfect for creating props of different sizes and shapes. Prop Foam is also compatible with almost any type of coatings making the possibilities limitless.
  • Set Design: With Prop Foam, you can easily sculpt stage props and scenery. Prop Foam’s large sheet sizes make it easy to product large-scale scenic elements, from a single block of foam or by bonding multiple blocks together.
  • Large-scale Characters: Large blocks of Prop Foam are easy to move and fabricate. Animals and antique statue replicas can be easily fabricated and transported, with greater strength than typical styrene products.
  • Molds and Plugs: Prop Foam can be used as a vacuum form plug. Mold making with R-series Prop Foam lets you recreate a perfect copy of any original subject.
  • Museum Exhibits: Foam Props represent a valuable tool when it comes to recreating scenery or temporary stages for museum exhibits.
  • Sculpting Foam: With Prop Foam, it is easy to create complex shapes and carve highly detailed sculptures.
  • Prop Building: Foam can be used as a prop material or it can support the prop building process. 

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